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Living in Northern BC, we experience our fair share of rock chips.

Whether you need a repair or replacement windshield, we can help.

Rock Chip Repair

We have all been there, driving along when a rock projectile hits our windshield. Normally, it will just create a small chip in the glass. This is the ideal time to get it fixed, before it spreads and you need to incur the cost of replacing the whole windshield.  ICBC comprehensive coverage will cover the cost of rock chip repairs with no deductible.  The rock chip cannot be bigger than a loonie and cannot be in the critical viewing area of the driver. 


ICBC Repair Network

We are part of the ICBC Repair Network. Call us to book an appointment.

Quality Materials

At RC Adams Glass, we only use the best materials for your repair, ensuring a strong lasting bond repair.


Windshields Plus

You may need help with side or back windows, glass for your RV or even side view mirrors replaced. We can do that.


Lift Service

If you need a lift after dropping off your vehicle, we would be glad to do this at no charge.

Windshield replacement

Sometimes we get busy and those small chips have grown into a network of cracks. Or, there has been an accident, something has hit your windshield and it needs to be replaced. We have years of experience taking care of all car-related glass issues.

Did you know?

No need to visit ICBC.  Bring your vehicle to us and we will complete the necessary paperwork for you.



We accept both ICBC and private insurance.  


Installed correctly

We go above and beyond using only the best materials and trained staff to ensure your windshield is installed correctly.

Auto glass repair

Call us for an appointment.



Whether you choose to claim with ICBC, private insurance, or pay for it yourself, we will try to make each option as easy and straightforward for you.


Bring your vehicle in and we will do the rest. We will complete the paperwork and send off all the information  to ICBC and complete your claim.  All you need to do is pay the deductible. 


Private insurance

We can work with any insurance company, leaving you with the peace of mind that your windshield will be fixed or replaced no matter what.

Private claims

Sometimes it is more convenient to pay for the replacement or repairs yourself.

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you.  Drop us a line via email sales@rcadamsglass.com

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Alternatively, come on by so we can meet in person.

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RC Adams Glass

We take great pride in offering quality products to our Northern B.C. clients. We offer great products at reasonable prices, installed correctly and we go beyond what is required to make sure that you have a product that will last.