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From  storefronts and vestibules to office interiors and glass partitions, we can do it all.  Do you need an outside window replaced with another window or perhaps a sealed unit?  Call us.  We can help.

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Office Windows


Window Styles

No matter what you need, we can provide you the best. We sell bay, casement, awning, slider and single or double-hung windows. We can also custom design windows ensuring your vision is realized for your business.



Do you need double or triple glazing? How about metal clad vinyl windows.  Do you need a particular shape?  How about a polygon, curve or a bay?  We can add grills to windows as well.  



We install  low-maintenance vinyl windows.  Is your frame still solid?  Consider just replacing the sealed unit.  We can replace sealed units with a variety of E options.  We also offer tempered and laminated glass. 



Windows sometimes need repairing rather than replacing. Maybe your windows have excessive condensation, are cracked or chipped or are hard to open and close. See if we can help with a simple fix.

Office Interiors


Glass walls

Whether it’s a new building or refitting an existing office, glass walls bring an increased sense of space. They also add a modern and professional feel.


Improved acoustics

Glass partitions allow companies to reduce background noise in large open workspaces while keeping the interior design feeling modern.


Glass partitions

Create a sense of boundaries without taking away from an open office look and feel.  These can be set up in different ways.


Natural light

The more glass there is inside an office the further natural light can project. This has a direct positive impact on employees’ mental health and work happiness.

Storefronts and Vestibules


Showcase your merchandise

Get people’s attention and draw them inside to discover what else is available.


Smaller utility bills

Help maintain indoor temperatures despite the weather outside.  Glass doors and storefronts can be highly insulated.



Custom glass storefront windows are extremely versatile. Change up the display when needed or your signage to reflect your current sales promotions.


Aesthetic and performance benefits

Glass vestibules can add a distinct design element to a building as well as helping to reduce heat loss, or heat gain, at the building’s entrance.

Glass tabletops


Creates an illusion of space.

When glass is used on as a table top, it gives the illusion of a larger space.  Your room will seem larger and more airy.


Easy maintenance.

So simple, a dry cloth or glass cleaner will help keep your tabletop looking brand new.


Protect wooden furniture

A glass tabletop can help to protect the wood table below it from scratches, water rings, and even sun damage.



Your physical space is a reflection of your business. A modern glass table can communicate a sense of  style and sophistication.



Maximize a room's lighting

A mirror can be hung across from windows to bring more natural light into the space. They can also reflect artificial lighting to bring more light to a room.


Look at yourself

Whether in the bathroom, hallway or private office, sometimes we need a quality mirror to aid in our beauty routine.


Make a room feel larger.

Some rooms or hallways can feel squished. Use mirrors to help a space look and feel bigger.


From small to large

From a small vanity mirror to 8 foot x 4 foot mirrored walls, we have a solution for you.

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