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Window Styles

No matter what you need, we can provide you the best. We sell Bay, casement, awning, slider and single or double-hung windows. We also custom design windows ensuring your vision is realized for your home.



Do you need double or triple glazing? We can also install curved glass, polygon shaped, and bay window glass. Do you need an egress window?  Ask about our own invention, the RCR.



We sell windows made from various materials. Vinyl windows are low-maintenance.   We can also provide metal clad vinyl windows or metal clad wood windows.  Windows can also be tempered if safety is a concern or made obscure for privacy.



Windows sometimes need repairing rather than replacing. Maybe your windows have excessive condensation, are cracked or chipped or are hard to open and close. See if we can help with a simple fix.


Your front door is the entrance to your home so let it be a statement. We sell front and back doors, patio, french and garden doors. No matter your house or personal preference, we can show you many different styles to suit your needs.


Adds to the resell value of your home. Also good for increased energy efficiency. Plus, it looks and feels good when you come home every day.



With a new door, you can rest easy knowing your home’s main point of entry is new and secure.


Installed correctly

We go above and beyond using only the best materials and trained staff to ensure your doors are installed correctly.



With a variety of options to select from, you will know the character of your home will be maintained or even enhanced with a new door.

Glass rails

Add a modern feel to your home by installing a glass railing on your indoor staircase. Glass railings bring simplicity and sophistication when decorating your home’s interior.

They look amazing

Want a home that looks modern, clean and elegant. Glass rails are one way to realize your vision.



Many people don’t realize that glass can increase safety in your home. Tempered strengthened glass is extremely resistant and will protect your loved ones incurring injury on the stairs or landing.


Easy to clean and maintain

Compared to wood railings which can require ongoing maintenance and repair, glass railings are easy to clean and maintain.


Natural light

Keep as much natural light as possible in your stairwell with gorgeous see-through glass rails.

Custom shower enclosures

Custom All Glass shower enclosures are the most efficient way to add value, beauty, and durability to your home.  A new shower enclosure can be a great way to modernize a restroom without having to replace everything.


We offer many design styles, material finishes, and glass types to suit your needs.  Whether you want to enclose your bathtub or create a new shower, we have options for you.



Glass is a strong material that will hold up to the test of time, shower after shower. Enjoy the natural light streaming in time and time again with your new custom shower enclosure.

They look amazing

Glass shower enclosures make your bathroom feel modern and creates a sense of openness in your bathroom.  Call us today for a quote.


Whether it is a mosquito, wildlife or unwanted intrusion; screens are here to help. We sell fixed window screens, retractable screens, and security screens.

Forget about it

Fixed screens on your windows become second nature. You never have to remember to close them and are therefore always protected from little critters.


Bug and weather protection

With retractable screens, you can keep out the bugs.


Peace of mind

With security screens, you can go to bed with your windows open (allowing for fresh air while you sleep), without the fear of unwanted intruders.


Out of sight

Compared to conventional door screens, retractable screen doors ‘disappear’ out of sight making your entrance cleaner looking and less cumbersome.

Window repairs and hardware replacement

Windows sometimes need repairing rather than replacing. Maybe your windows have excessive condensation, are cracked or chipped or are hard to open and close. See if we can help with a simple fix.

Quality products

We only use the best suppliers and products available.  We can also replace window hardware and screens.



If your window needs a simple fix then we can help.  If a simple fix will not work then we will give you options.

Years of experience

Our technicians have many years of experience repairing broken windows. You can trust we’ll give you the right advice.


Broken Screen?

Does your screen need to be rescreened? We can help you with that.

Enclosures for covered porches
and patios

Porch and patio enclosures provide protection from the sun and shade protection. They also help to keep out the rain, snow, wind and pesky pests.

Extend your outside living space

Bring the outside in. Enjoy the feeling of being outside in the garden with the comforts of being inside.


Plants love them

Wish your plants could get amazing sunlight all year round? Enclosures are ideal for plants, even during the winter months.


Great, safe space for children and pets

A safe and secure environment for play and relaxation.  Stay out of the elements with a covered porch.


Add value to your home and property

When it comes to the sale of your home these can add value to your property.

Glass tabletops


Protect wooden furniture

A glass tabletop can help to protect the wood table below it from scratches, water rings, and even sun damage.


Easy maintenance

So simple, a dry cloth or glass cleaner will help keep your tabletop looking brand new.


Creates an illusion of space

Put simply, glass is transparent and it takes up less room visually, making a room seem larger.



Your physical space is a reflection of your personal aesthetic. A modern glass table can communicate your unique sense of style.



Maximize a room's lighting

A mirror can be hung across from windows to bring more natural light into the room. They can also reflect artificial lighting to bring more light to a room.


From small to large

From a small vanity to 8 foot x 4 foot mirrored walls, we have a solution for you.


Look at yourself

Whether in the bathroom, hallway or bedroom, sometimes we need a quality mirror to aid in our beauty routine.


Make a room feel larger

Some rooms or hallways can feel squished. Use mirrors to help a space look and feel bigger.

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